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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Latitude, Longitude and Wrold time Calculation (Note)

These terminology are very important to be familiar in the term of tourism geography.In this regard one should have the knowledge about rotation and revolution of the earth. Rotation denotes west to east movement of the earth on its axis at 25° resulting the sunrise in the east and set in the west. It always completes it rotation in 24 hours causing the variation of length of the day and night at different part on the earth surface this movement is always causes timing fast (a head) in the east and let in the west  depending upon the cross selection of latitude and longitude of an area.

In case of revolution the earth takes circle around the sum with the different climatic condition with the different part of the world.

Latitude are define as a angular distance north and south of equator at the center of the earth. The equator has 0° angel where as north and south poles of 90° angel each making a total of 180°. It is always majored in degree minutes and second. Similarly longitude are the measurement  of distance on the surface of the earth east and west of greenwich meridian. They are the lines drawn from north pole to south pole on a world map.

It is a imaginary line from pole to pole through 0° greenwich in london. IT is meauserd in a dtgree of an angle taken from the centre of the earth. The centre is used to fc standred time and all countries hace their respective locla timimig. Always international standred time  ahol local time are used as a basis to know the time differnce of any two seprate areas within or outside countrie in this regard countries in this regard country's east of greenwich have always there time a head or fast depending upon the degree if its location. Time west of it is slow for 1° by 4 minute the location of places always guided by its grid references encompassing its latitude and longitude grid are the pattern of straight lines crossing each other to square that give the total courage of the area.


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